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My "Stupid ___________" list

I enjoy many TV shows. Sometimes, in those enjoyed TV shows, are characters I do not enjoy. In an effort to turn that negative into a positive I employ the "Stupid __________" method of dealing with the frustration.

If you to wish to channel that annoyance, it's quite simple. Every time he or she crosses your screen and only cements your hate through their stupidness, utter simply "Stupid (insert name here)".

It's also a fun experiment when shared with a love one. Notice how on the first few mentions they laugh, then that awkward period of annoyance, and then by the 25th time they are laughing again. Good times.

And now, with no further ado... here are some shows I'm currently enjoying, and what you will hear me say throughout an episode.

New Girl - "Stupid Winston!"

Castle - "Stupid Alexis!"

30 Rock - "Stupid Pete!"

Breaking Bad - "Stupid Skylah!"

the Walking Dead - "Stupid Andrea!"

the Office - "Stupid Nellie!"

Dexter - "Stupid LaGuerta!"

Game of Thrones - "Stupid Joffrey!"