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Ceeeeee-lebrate good times blah blah. I'm sure for many titans of internet, 25,000 views is a daily occurrence. Pull yer head outta yer ass Mr Titan. For the little guy, the little handsome quirky cool guy, who just posts dopey scribbles, and blogs whining "I'm so art and life doesn't get me", and uses commas, inappropriately, 25,000 views is RIDONK!!!

Thanks goes to the heavy hitters - Marc Maron, Kevin Smith and former heavy-weight champion CM PUNK! But their generous linking only accounts for 12,000 or so... it's YOU the spambots I truly have to thank. NO, you - the people! Like the Rock, the people's champion, I hereby announce myself - The People's Blogger! Actually no. I renounce that. Is renounce the taking back of an announcement? Screw it, that's how I'm using it. Classic Speds word-meaning-bending.

Speaking of bending the rules of English to suit my whimsey. I owe a MASSIVE thank you to those who have been extremely encouraging about the idea of me writing a book. Some of you who have read the prologue have been extremely complimentary and supportive. In book news, I'm just rounding out Chapter 2. With every paragraph the book becomes more legit in my own brain. The story is mapped and yet I keep getting surprised along the way. Truly, thanks to those of you who sent me messages of encouragement, you succeeded in encouraging me. Colour me encouraged. Courage me encoloured?

Since last I posted some artwork here I have drawn a whole bunch. I'd been pushing my self with various "self-challenges". Much like the fill an instagram square jig, I posed myself another challenge - To design and draw a "super team" from scratch, using no existing characters. I sketched out the main players and begun inking. But quickly, the character of Frederick Chelonii captured my imagination and I couldn't help myself, but to draw him a whole bunch. Thusly...

And so there you have it. An anthropomorphic turtle. I'm gonna be rich I tells ya.

Again, thanks muchly to those of you that have "bookmarked" my shit and check back here on occasion. This 25,000 celebration is as much for YOU as it is for me. So please, buy yerself something nice. You deserve it. You're the best YOU you can BE and I love you from the bottom of my farts. Oh, classic butt joke!

Like many Seacrests before me. Speds out.

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  1. Pretty sure "and uses commas, inappropriately," is the best thing I've ever read.