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Who brings muskets to a Dragon fight?

I'd been drawing a lot of one character drawings and throwing them on Instagram, chasing those addictive 12 likes. After you remove the 9 spam bots that's 3 solid likings. And damn it if I don't like a good liking.

The thought was, I should draw more than one character. Add a second character. A third even.

And then I thought... fill that shit ya heard!

So, the idea being - put a whole mess of shit in there. Fill that little Instagram square with characters, mayhem... and a Dragon!

Did it work? Well I secured a redhot 18 likes despite making the mistake of going quite small. I could have drawn half as many characters twice as big and it probably would have worked better.

But here it is in all it's enlargedness. Click that shit and enter a realm where its unsure whether Ye Olde Englishmen come to the aid of a Goblin ran Castle under Dragon attack, or a Ye Olde invasion with a Dragon advantage, or a Castle claiming war with a Dragon interruption. I'll let your heart see what it wants to see. Art people, shit is ART!!! ...with a Dragon!

Click to enlarge.

Alrighty, back to the drawing board. Literally. I'm gonna go draw more.

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