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Speds 2011 Movies - December Wrap Up

The theory was "wanna make movies, watch movies". So, in 2011 I watched a butt load of movies. A few re-watches but mostly (to me) brand spankers. I was documenting and in few sentences and a rudimentary "outta five" schtick I reviewed them.

Here's how December looked.

Money Ball 5/5
Brad Pitt is the unofficial mascot of my podcast Toothbrush Love. We made an "outing" out of it and took in Money Ball. I later remarked in our review episode "I hate sports, I love sports movies". I thought this movie was just a solid good time. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill make an awesome team.

Green Lantern 3.5/5
I had heard so many bad things. And, in a weird way, I think it helped. I expected soooo little and it turned out to be really good. The argument from comic book peeps is that Hal Jordan wasn't "Hal Jordany" enough. As someone with limited Green Lantern knowledge I thought it worked.

Friends with Benefits 2.5/5
I imagine Writer A delivers a chick flick script. The studio hands it to Writer B and says "add some dick jokes and some quirky banter". And that's how it felt. Out of place jive talk in the middle of a by the numbers boy meets whatnot. That said, Mila Kunis (the unofficial mascot of my other podcast Wild Bore) is as always, delightful.

PJ20 (R) 5/5
Every bit as amazing as the first viewing. Maybe even better.

The Dark Knight (R) 5/5
Did a bit of "previously on Batman" gearing up for Dark Knight Rises. DK is as grand as I remember. One thing I did get from this viewing is that, yeah the Joker is amazing... but it's as much Harvey Dent's movie. Aaron Eckhart is reaaaal good in this.

Super 4/5
I've been waiting for this movie since Slither. Rainn Wilson, Ellen Paige, Nathan Fillion and JAMES GUNN!!!! No brainer. Was weird. Was weirdly funny. Was great! Bolty Rules!!

So we've reached the end. I've just watched my first movie for 2012 and jotted it down out of habit... Maybe I'm goin' for another round...? In the meantime, here's how the year looked - 109 flicks watched. 96 new movies. 13 repeats.

Tomorrow When the War Began 1/5
The Expendables 1.5/5
Adventure Land 4/5
Paper Man 5/5
The Other Guys 3/5
Swingers (R) 2/5
Xmen 3 (R) 3.5/5
Winter Passing (R) 5/5
It's a Trap - Family Guy 3/5
Beneath Hill 60 2/5
Zombieland (R) 4/4
Easy A 2/5
Superbad (R) 4/5
Almost Famous (R) 3.5/5
Predators 2.5/5
Napoleon Dynamite (R) 1/5
Going the Distance 1/5
The Joneses 1.5/5
Precious 1/5
Despicable Me 2.5/5
MacGruber 1/5
Buried 4/5
Greenberg 2.5/5
Chloe 2.5/5
Black Swan 2/5
The Town 3.5/5
The Social Network 3.5/5
Assault on Precinct 13 3/5
Ransom (R) 2/5
Girl with the Pearl Earring 0/5
Ghost Rider (R) 2/5
Due Date 3/5
Red 1.5/5
Teenage Paparazzi 3/5
I'm Still Here 0/5
Leaves of Grass 2.5/5
The Last Airbender 0/5
Paul 4.5/5
Thor 5/5
Moby Dick 1.5
Skyline 0/5
The Switch 3.5/5
Wild Target 4/5
Love and Other Drugs 2/5
Monsters 2/5
The King's Speech 2.5/5
Morning Glory 2.5/5
Hangover 2 4/5
The Fighter 4/5
X-Men First Class - 4.9/5
True Grit - 4/5
Green Hornet - 3/5
Unstoppable - 4/5
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P1 - 3/5
Back and Forth - Foo Fighters 5/5
The Next Three Days 3/5
Sanctum 1/5
The History of the World Championship - 4/5
127 Hours -3/5
Pineapple Express (R) - 4/5
Fight Club (R)- 2.5/5
Super 8 - 4/5
Unknown - 4/5
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PT2 - 3/5
Season of the Witch - 1/5
Transformers 3 - 2/5
Rachel's Getting Married - 0/5
Good - 2/5
All About Steve - 3/5
Winters Bone - 3.5/5
Big Show - A Giant's Life - 2.5/5
Captain America 5/5
Company Men 3/5
The Extra Man 0/5
Just Go With It 4/5
Devil 2/5
Rise of the Planet of the Apes 5/5
Arthur 2/5
Sucker Punch 2/5
Battle Los Angeles 3/5
Red State 3/5
Drive Angry 0.5/5
Catfish 3/5
Source Code 4/5
PJ20 5/5
Faster 2/5
Snow Town 2/5
I love you Philip Morris 1/5
Tornado Alley 2.5/5
No Strings Attached 2/5
Everything Must Go 3.5/5
Your Highness 3.5/5
Black Dynamite 4/5
The Reef 1/5
Hesher 5/5
the Rocker 0/5
Girl with the dragon tattoo 3/5
Bridesmaids 3.5/5
Pirates of the blah blah blah 2/5
Cyrus 2.5/5
Larry Crowne 2.5/5
Money Ball 5/5
Green Lantern 3.5/5
Friends with Benefits 2.5/5
PJ20 (R) 5/5
The Dark Knight (R) 5/5
Super 4/5

Movie of the year...? Hmm... Cap? Thor? ...nup - PJ20. Worst? I'm Still Here - monstrous pile of shit. Aight, that's enough typing, back to the couch.

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