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Speds 2011 Movies - Oct/Nov

Aight, let's bang this thing out before the end of the year. Fair to say, despite a lack-luster Nov/Dec in terms of quantity of flicks watched, totally watched a butt-load.

So here goes with the October and November movies.

No Strings Attached 2/5
Well the lady friend had me break my "never watch an Ashton Kutcher" movie rule. Fortunately it was overruled by my "watch everything from Natalie Portman" rule. And it was as you'd assume. Portman was totally watchable but wasted... and the Kutch, while I think we'd be great friends, was lucky just to be there.

Everything Must Go 3.5/5
I think this is how I like Will Ferrell best. Taladega Nights and Anchorman were absolutely genius. Whereas Blades of Glory and Semi-Pro seemed like inferior copys. Ferrell rockin the serious in this and in Winter Passing? That'sa gooda Ferrell!!

Your Highness 3.5/5
I watched this movie "enhanced". From the trailer it seemed like the perfect movie for getting green and laughing. And it totally delivered. Man I love me some James Franco!

Black Dynamite 4/5
A friend put this movie on swiftly after Your Highness. I was at first dubious. "This is awesome" from a friend can often have me feeling douchey because it's often followed by "How can you not like this?!". However, this movie was such a wicked good time. DYNO-MITE!!!!!

The Reef 1/5
ARRRRGHHHH!!! Why do I keep doing this?! I have this weird "should support Aussie movies" thing that almost always ends in wtf?! The dialogue was freakin' horrible. So annoying. Good news, **spoilers** they all get eaten by sharks. Bad news, I think it's based on a true story so that's in incredibly poor taste.

Hesher 5/5
FUCK YES!!!!!! I loved this flick. The kind of movie I'd love to one day make. The kind of movie that many people would leave feeling depressed and others leave feeling totally good. I left feeling good. It made me wanna be better. Be cooler. Be life more.

the Rocker 0/5
So I was watching the Office thinking Rainn Wilson is amazing in it but I can't see myself digging him elsewhere. Then I remember how freaking amazing he was in Six Feet Under and that's what led to this Hesher/Rocker Rainn Wilson marathon. I'm glad I watched Hesher first, because he was AMAZING in it. Whereas EVERYTHING about the Rocker licked massive nut sacks!!

Girl with the dragon tattoo 3/5
So weird to hear all this hype for this new Daniel Craig movie of the same name, when just last month my lady said she wanted to watch this subtitled foreign movie about a chick with a tatt. I claim indie, I was there for the original, cred by about 13 days. It was a fairly decent, and a little sexy, detectivey flick. Kinda wanted her to BE a dragon... or have some sort of superpower... It looked like it totally could have go there in the beginning.

Bridesmaids 3.5/5
It was long (thank you)... But when it was funny, it was reaaal funny. When I saw Kirsten Wigg in Whip It I thought she was pretty good. When I saw her in Paul I thought she was pretty great. When I saw her in this, I thought she pretty DAMN great! I wanted to see soooo much more of Ellie Kemper. She is HANDS DOWN the BEST part about the Office at the moment.

Pirates of the blah blah blah 2/5
Why do I continue to watch these. The first was so cool. Everything since just feels like Shrek in life-action. Bore-ring.

Cyrus 2.5/5
Dodged this for awhile. Kept seeing on the video store shelf and thinkin' - nup. Then gave in. I should have trusted my instincts. Actually, that's a little harsh... but it was a fairly silly movie. All three, Jonah Hill, John C Reilly and Marisa Tomei are so much better than this movie. It just didn't work for me.

Larry Crowne 2.5/5
I've got so much time for Tom Hanks. I wish he was my uncle. I think him, me and the Kutch would have splendid time together. There's was alot about Larry Crowne I liked. It made me want to sell all my shit and buy a scooter. There wasn't really anything I didn't like per se... But it just wasn't great. Great review ay?!

Well, that's almost it. This year long experiment of sorts has nearly come to an end. December is a bit lite on so far... been watching to many awesome TV shows, reading too many great comic books and... damn SKYRIM!!!! I continue this into next year? Not sure. 2012 is lookin' busy!

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  1. I really enjoyed 'Everything must go' - Not a typical Will Ferrell. Loved 'Hesher' and 'Bridesmaids'. I feel asleep during 'Black Dynamite' but got the gist of it. And i felt a bit the same about 'Cyrus'