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Full Circle

I don't think I'm alone in treating New Years Day as one big Monday. You know, that diet you're gonna start on Monday... While many of us are aware that much like the Monday diet that you faintly remember during Wednesday's KFC lunch, the New Years resolution is more of a crutch than anything else. A way of justifying your current laziness. A way of coping with current suckyness. And while we may know this, we also find ourselves saying "not this time though, this time I mean it!"

And here I am. Finding solace in the fact that this intensely sucky year is coming to a close and that the new one is full of hope and potential wonder. I've spent the last bits of this year setting myself up the best I can to take 2012 by the balls. And who knows, I may just get a hold on this crazy life thing just before those damn Mayans go and John Cusack the shit outta the joint.

Big chunky plans going into next year. Can't have the life you want, then go get the other life you want. That's the theory. Next year I'm going to embrace my "jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none"ness. Can't be great at anything, be kinda ok at a bunch of shit. That's my other theory. I've got theories out the ass in this bitch. But like any good Monday starting diet I'm enjoying one last big ass meal. I'm reading a buttload of great comics. Watching the shit outta some TV and movies. Playing a bunch of SKYRIM and gettin' my wrasslin' on. Calm before the Speds Storm, which would totally be my wrestling name.

Does it feel like we've done this before? The self psych up for future good times. Crutch, remember? Justify the current lazy. Cope with the current sucky. Full circle.

 Next year I'll be the Cusack! (haha sack!)

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