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All up in dem random thought guts!

Oh shit son. Spedsy done blogged a big ol' bowl of nothing much. But, you know what...

I pod. As in, I podcast. And this week's episodes from both Wild Bore and Toothbrush Love are, I feel, particularly strong. So if you haven't already, peep em out if you like laughing.

Also out this week was the new video clip from my brother from the same mother - Broni - give it a view, a like, a listen...

And now, a new segment - Shit I've been diggin'...
In the Psycho Janitor office today I'm digging the sweet chili out of the new Black Keys album - El Camino! Good golly. Definitely my most loved, admired, inspired by band since Pearl Jam. If you like good ol' rock slash blues music - get on it.

Finally checked out the long awaited, by me and many, Life's Too Short. The new Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant outing. Looks like it may be a grower for me. Episode Two was leeeeaaagues better than Episode One I felt. Looking forward to getting into it more.

I remember being overly critical of Extras originally and then growing to love it. However, in Life's Too Short, I think the look to the camera gag is a little forced. A bit made popular by Ricky Gervais as David Brent just feels real weird and "go to" from Ricky playing himself reacting to exaggerated versions of Liam Neeson and Johnny Depp. And weird or not, it's almost like he's doing it with every sentence making it very over used.

Meanwhile over at the Office, things feel a little halted since Steve Carrell's departure. Might seem like an easy thing to jump on... but, with Pam & Jim's story done, and now Michael's story done... there's no big arc right now. There's still funny. But no heart. I'm really hoping they give Andy more to do.

To round out my TV watching, Walking Dead while slower this season (get off the farm already!!) is still kickin' undead ass. Sons of Anarchy is building to a crazy climax! Boardwalk Empire, dips in and out a little for me this season. Community the same, but their good is amazing and their bad is still good... so I can deal.

All good things must come to an end. Brian Michael Bendis has announced next year will be his last on the Avengers. I've have been on board for every bit of it and loved every second. He definitely has his share of haters... I read a comment that put it best "with this news the entire internet shrieks in happiness... quickly followed by plummeting sales figures". It would seem Bendis is one of those "cool to hate" people... Much like -

John Cena, his storyline over at WWE is actual quite interesting right now. I've blogged in the past about how he's the Hulk Hogan for the new generation but the Attitude Era fans who are anti-PG just can't grasp that. The cool bit, the WWE are really up front about it. Wrestling is at it's best when you're questioning which bits are real and which are fake and it feels like ever since CM Punk career making promo months back they really are having fun blurring those lines.

SKYRIM!!!!!! The next installment in the Elder Scrolls saga is EVERYTHING I hoped it'd be. Since Oblivion I almost became a bigger fan of the Fallout series and wondered if I would embrace swords and magic as enthusiastically as before - hell yeah!!

And lastly here's a little teaser image for what could be...

PLUS... This little journey we went on has come to an end...

And you've got yerself a nice little update there, I think. Next up, let's review some flicks.

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