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Toothbrush Love is BACK!

So I host/laugh a lot on - a podcast - Toothbrush Love .

Nearly two years ago TBL cast member Easy went overseas for an indefinite period of time. In his absence we continued for 5 or so episodes but quickly realised a vital part of our chemistry was missing. So the show went on what became an 18 months long hiatus.

Upon Easy's return I had a "if they all want to pod on I'm down with it, if not I'm cool too". Easy, Broni and Gimp were all very keen to get back in people's ears. Their enthusiasm made me enthused. Ya don't know what you've got till it's gone and such... Because now that it's back I am SOOO in love with it again. We turned microphones on and laughed for 50 minutes straight. If you dig our schtick, we haven't missed a beat.

As a result... TOOTHBRUSH LOVE IS BACK!!! Funny, free, weekly! Get on it!

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