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An open letter to Scott Allie.

Ay Scott,

Front street. I don't know how to do this. I'm not "network" guy. I'm socially awkward and one of my legs is longer than the other. Not so much that you'd notice but it's the reason my sports teacher told me I was shit at running. Frustration however stems not from the long leg but more from the not knowing HOW TO DO THIS!!!

I apologise in the opposite of advance. Whether you actually received it or not, I sent you a package. In the snail mail. All the way from Australia to Milwaukee. It may have well been a package of regret. For all my NOT knowing, I DO know that THAT'S not how it's done.

It was a comic book. More specifically, it was MY comic book. That I made with my hands and my brain.

I don't know, I guess I had this weird idea that from my readings of your whatnots we may have similar brains and that for my comic book's many flaws, it's beauty would shine through for you and you'd cast aside the rules on how these things are done.

So here I am. On my virtual knees with arms outstretched. Let me do this over, the right way.


Thank you, sir.


PS> It's legit and shit, my book -

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