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Wild Bore

One of the rarest things you'll find in the land of creative collaboration is a soul mate. Somehow I think I may have managed to find two.

I like laughing. I like making friends laugh. I like recording that laughter and playing it to others in the hope that it'll make them laugh. Arrgh, look, I started a new podcast ok. And, it's a rollicking good time from where I sit.

The bit that excites the most is that is feels like more than just another podcast. Yes it's a downloadable MP3 of talking and laughing, sure... But it's kinda different. It's not a wacky take on wacky headlines deal. It's not a ranting and raving make you think pod...  When Broni, Gimp, Easy and myself put together Toothbrush Love we wanted it to be different. Well... when 'Bore came together it needed to different again.

Along with my cohorts - BJ & Pat, we are three like minded indy-vidges who are looking to build this thing into a mini empire of creative whatnots. Episode centric artwork. Video components. Blogs that further examine the benefits of being pant-less.

So I encourage, nay implore... head to to download our brand spankin' first episode. The site has links to Wild Bore on iTunes to. Like our Facebook Page for regular updates on new content, how you can be part of things and so on.


  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to tell you that your link is broken. You forgot the b in bore.


    I'm going to go watch your podcast now...hopefully.

  2. haha awesome, thanks Dina!!! All fixed now. Let me know if you dig the 'Bore or not.