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Open them Thought Gates!

Brace for, and embrace the random. A collection of nothing thoughts as I type. Such as...

I have two pairs of the exact same track pants. Every now and then, while wearing one pair, I will see the other. The immediate thought is always "Am I not wearing pants?"... Ya know those thoughts you can have and yet squash almost as your having them... Your so magnificent you crazy fast computer brain!!!

COMICS!! Dude, since working in a comic shop my comic buying(!!!!!) and reading have really stepped up. Just by virtue of the fact that many amazing issues pass my eyes over the course of the day - "oh I gotta read that, oh and that...".

A series I've never really read from Marvel is - Thunderbolts - Bad guy super villains forced to serve their sentence as heroes. It's always caught my eye from a distance (the artwork, especially covers for the last 5 years have been amazing) but just due to the fact that - shit costs money - I've never picked it up. But ever since Dark Avengers (the Thunderbolts team went mainstreams for a few months) which was amazing, I've been desperate to jump on.

Well... I did... I started with the latest trade - Violent Rejection and I loved it. Luke Cage leads the Thunderbolts?! Awesome! Man-Thing is on the team - AMAZING!! So now I've decided to go back 5 years-ish (not in time, just like buying the old comics) and buy/read back up to current... Starting with Caged Angels (issues 116-121)... And it was great... Who'd've thought I'd be loving the Green Goblin layin' waste to people. And Moonstone is just crazy hot, I'm looking forward to more of her slutty-bad-ass-ness. And Songbird plays such a great counter point to her. Can't wait to read more.

Hopefully I bought my little dog a few extra jumps in his old age. He's a spry little schnoodle and jumps on and off my bed like it's nothing even though it's twice his height. All his weight landing on his two little front legs though every time he jumps off always makes me cringe. So last night I pushed a foot stool next to the bed and trained him to use it as his up and down. So far so good. Wow... what a nothing paragraph... But I told you... just random thoughts ya donk!

I watched Kevin Smith's Red State last night. I torrented that sucker... I know I know... But I own almost EVERY SINGLE piece of Kevin Smith merchandise and will absolutely be buying it on Blu-Ray/DVD. I think we all know by now I buy my shit. But it got released to VOD in the States last week and not Australia. And sooo much of the movie had already been spoiled for me and I thought it was only going to get worse since it's US release....

So I watched it... and it was fine, good. I didn't love it. It suffered quite a bit I felt from how much had been spoilt. Disclaimer - Kevin Smith and View Askew is a MASSIVE inspiration to me. He is definately a hero, sort of mentor of mine... Mallrats almost literally changed my life. Alongside comics, Buffy and Star Wars it made me discover loving things... Becoming a fanboy for lack of a better term... "stories", writing, ... Just the joy of creating characters in my head. The View Askew film maker Kevin Smith, and Smodcast Kevin Smith - that's my jam. But while I enjoyed Jersey Girl it obviously wasn't the same. Zack & Miri had some cool bits... but nothing great. And Cop Out I just plain didn't like. I'm not complaining... I'm not bitching... My opinion is only that - an opinion. The View Askew flicks were cult... They were soooo rewatchable. Clerks 2 is my second favorite movie of all time. Red State was a fine movie. I enjoyed it. But I guess it's just not the sort of movie I love about Kevin Smith.

There are bands that will make big changes in their sound. Stray from what you once loved.  The new sound isn't inferior or wrong or anything... It's just not what you love them for. Would I rather there be another VA movie instead of Red State - sure... Will I still watch EVERY damn thing Kevin Smith puts out - ya damn right. Do I begrudge him moving on and trying new things - not for a freakin' second. Just longwindedly clarifying that I liked Red State like any other movie movie. Will I rewatch it once a year like Dogma and Chasing Amy - No.

Time to bail out on this non-topic-ed blog of bullswiz. But one final nothing thought - It really is the first sauced chip that decides the fate of all other chips. You know when you make the decision that "yep these chips would be better with sauce"... Once you bite that first sauced chip you can't go back. Every chip from then on NEEDS to be sauced or it tastes lacking.

Speaking of lacking - QUALITY CONTENT BLOGS!! haha... Aight, well... I think we all learnt a lesson here. Have something of substance to say.


  1. Loved this blog of randomness.

    When i first got Cooper i had little doggy stairs for him to climb up onto my bed. As he got a little bit bigger he decided it didn't want them anymore and now just jumps like a nutter.

  2. Thanks man! I questioned the blogs merit but you have once again validated it. Always in your debt!