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"I peed in the bucket already, M'sieur Starr...

...I'll just leave it by the bed for when you're ready"

Wait, what?

Many of the comic book collectors I've spoken too over the times are somewhat similar. You have the books you read the moment you get home from the comic book store and then the pile. The bargains from the dollar bin, spontaneous purchases, recommends or just books you think you should try one day. The pile is that "I've gotta get round to reading that" sorta deal.

Well, mine is getting a little crazy big. So last night, when lamenting that I had no comics to read (to which the lady blurted "what? I can see like two thousand from here!!" haha) I thought I should breach the pile.

One book I'd been meaning to get to was this...

Sometimes I worry (I know right, GET REAL PROBLEMS YA DONK!)... that I'm not so much a fan of COMICS as I am a fan of MARVEL comics.

My rationale is - there is SO much going on in the Marvel Universe, sooo many books I'd love to read. But money and life throw up hurdles. So I'd rather know most of whats going on in the Marvel U than little bits of everything.

And yet, every now and then you are seduced. In this case it was a bargain. Borders in their divine wisdom had this trade of Preacher in a sale bin for $5. I could write paragraphs on Borders and Comics. The skinny is - badly over priced and treated like shit. So to find this Preacher trade, normally $31.95 for $5 in great condition... No brainer.

It sat on the shelf for about a year. I pick it up and read 10 or so pages and put it down.

Months later AKA last night, I revisited. Re-read the first 10 pages and then onward.

Well... I was both intrigued and disturbed. The title quote of this blog is one of the more PG weird quotes from character Herr Starr. This German mercenary whose spending years of his life infiltrating this religious organisation who have imprisoned and are trying to breed to Neanderthal descendants of Jesus Christ. Because when they do they're offspring will save the world from Nuclear armageddon... Armageddon lost in this weird ass book! haha, I know right!

Herr Starr, is middle aged-ish and only just discovering sex... um and his take on it is weird. And he's not shy about asking girls to let him pee on them and whatnot.

Another thing I've found intriguing about this book... First a relevant tangent...

I wrote and drew a comic book...

Available here ... So, in putting this Bad(ly Beaten)Boy together I followed a tried and true comic book tradition. A little bit of story set up before the main characters introduction. I spent ONE page on setup before introducing my main character. Fear of the losing the reader? Sure, maybe...

Preacher, at least here in Trade Paperback volume 6 - spent 62 PAGES before introducing PREACHER!!!

But you know what... It kinda really worked. Herr Starr was really interesting and made the comic book his own.... And it made the debut of Preacher all the more impactful... to me... having never read him before. And still, thanks to the wait it was like Batman showing up.

And then I put it down. I was reading it in bed before sleep and such and thought "I'ma saving this till tomorrow"...

So, I'm in! Looking forward to seeing where this weird journey takes these peeps... and me.

And now, an awesome picture of Batman all Green Lanterny that has nothing to do with this blog... But you know, it's awesome!


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