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Speds 2011 Movies - July

Previously on Speds 2011 Movies - So late last year I did another film course. A point that was stressed was "WATCH MORE MOVIES". Watch as many as you can. New ones. Old ones. Re-watch favorites. What about them works? What sucks?

So a New Year resolution was to do just that... watch more flicks. And I thought, what better way to keep track than to blog that shit as I go.

I give them an out of 5 rating. A little (R) if they are a re-watch. And a sentence or two review. Also, a 5 out of 5 is totally achievable on my list and not just reserved my favorite movies of all time. A 5 is a movie I loved, thought was well put together and whatnot. I'm also VERY aware that my "reviews" are opinions and NOT fact, but for the sake of keeping it short and sweet I'll be refraining from disclaiming such each time.

You can look back through the archives, there's been an entry for each month of this year... and HERE is JULY!!

Super 8 - 4/5
The Goonies meets Jurassic Park. Totally dug it. The alien look a little too Starship Troopers for me but I can dig. PS Dina Meyer in Star Troopers = HOT! Denise Richards was PWNED by Dina in that flick haha PPS Starship Troopers sucks haha

Unknown - 4/5
Is it just me or has Liam Neeson become a real bad ass in the last few years. The plot and twist of this movie was a bit of a stretch but I was totally with it. And love seeing ma girl Elizabeth Banks rock it once again.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PT2 - 3/5
Well, as I've stated... I'm not a Potter guy. Potter is my wife's Batman... aka, she comes to mine, I go to hers. And man, Part 1 rocked. I hated the other movies. Giant spiders and gillyweeds BORING!

While Part 2 started alot slower than Part 1, it was still pretty cool and had a touching ending, despite it's "oh shit lets cram this in quick" feel. It's legal to think Hermi*spellingerror*ny is hot now right?

Season of the Witch - 1/5
I'll pretty much always give a Nicholas Cage movie a go. I don't know why... it's not like I've LOVED him anything. He rocked Face Off and that Coen Bro movie where he's a writer... ya know the one with the pot plant headed Cage on the poster... I'm ON the internet, I should Google it... meh... OH Adaptation! What was my point? Oh, yeah, this movie was pretty bad. They gave away everything in the first 5 minutes. They could have teased us... "ooh are witches real? oh yeah, they are, they just showed us straight out the gate and killed the mystery".

Transformers 3 - 2/5
Well it was better than 2. I was entertained, so I guess it's a win?! But there were some baffling plot holes. Autobots fly to the moon. Five minutes later "The Autobots have no way to leave earth"... WHAT?! They just flew to the moon!? Then Optimus Prime looses this trailer in a battle "oh no, my trailer it has my flight suit!!"... Five minutes later he rocks up in the flight suit, nothing said... not even referenced... Weird. I think that's enough with the Trannies yeah?!

Rachel's Getting Married - 0/5
What an inspiring movie. As I embark on filming one of my scripts this movie gave me a boost of confidence. In that it's a MONTROUS HEAP OF SHIT!!! Oh man!! The writer, editor and director all FAILED epic-ly! Anne Hathaway may have been acting her ass off but WHO CARED!! She was surrounded by SHIT. There was a 15 minute wedding speech scene. Ya know when your the plus one to a wedding. And you don't know anyone. All the speeches are filled with in-jokes. Everyone seems to be having a great time but you just don't get... They included ALL OF THAT in this flick. Rather than show us a 1 minute montage of mundane speeches before our main characters big speech they did almost 10 minutes of mundane speeches. Then comes our "hero's" big speech. Surely THAT'S the end of the scene?! NO!!! They show 5 more minutes of other speeches. Let me be clear - These aren't speeches that forward the plot IN ANY WAY!!!! I just don't get it. What kind of decision is that? And then, the family falls apart during a dishwasher filling competition. No, you read that right. WTF?!

Good - 2/5
"From the people that brought you Taladega Nights" the lady friend exclaimed. Unfortunately that doesn't mean good. Had some funny bits. Craig Robinson was great and Kathryn Hahn is awesome... and hot! But overall, it was just ok.

All About Steve - 3/5
Ya know, I've got give it to Sandra Bullock. The lady friend chose this one also, she loves her some Sandy Bullock... and while it was fairly chick flicky it made for a good time. Sandra Bullock was funny, and Thomas Haydn CHUCCHHHH (Snoop Dogg style) was great.

Winters Bone - 3.5/5
Was looking forward to this one. Is there a genre or style name for these sorts of flicks? Character study? I don't know... but I like em. Not every day... You have to be in the mood for them. Slow moving heavy stories. Dig em.

Big Show - A Giant's Life - 2.5/5
Assuming it was a documentary on WWE Superstar The Big Show I chucked it in. To my suprise there was no doc to be found. It just played matches. After killin' an hour watching various ol' Giant matches I realised I put in the wrong dang disc. Douche. Pop in disc 1, there's your doc. Unfortunately it was pretty disappointing. No where near as in depth as others have been. The most interesting part - Paul Wight being the first of MANY to jump ship from WCW just before it died - was barely touched on. The second half played like an extended ad/trailer for his movie Knucklehead which I have zero interest in.

Well... kinda died in a whimper there. Started the month strong though. And start August pretty strong tomoz night with CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! Oh hells yeaaah!!

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  1. Rachel's getting married... I had that on my list last year. I wasn't as harsh with my rating as you (Which is suprising because i tend to be really harsh) but yeah man it SUCKED.

    I also loved Super 8 and i enjoyed HP Pt2 but Pt 1 was definately better.

    I'm excited for Captain America this week also :D