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Had a week...

Man... so... I've been somewhat blogless for a week... Life got a little busy all of a sudden

I have a job, same one I've had for a few years now... Fortunately it allows me to work from home. But business got a little slow. And while that allowed for plenty of songwriting and scribblin'... it wasn't paying the bills - so I sort out another one... a part time one... ya know, to fill the wallet gap a little

My favorite comic shop was moving and looking for people. It was moving to - 3 minutes from my house!!! - So it was a no brainer.

Amazingly I got the job. A MASSIVE life list tick... Ya know, the "shit you'd love to do" list.

So I work at a comic shop. Dream come true. Part time though right?

Um, sure... however it's a fairly massive task setting up two brand new stores... So I've been essentially working full time for the week... and as I write this on Friday - I'm also working there all weekend and then start the week anew.

Home at 6:30pm to then begin my ACTUAL job... Clearly I understand there are many, MANY people who work long crazy hours... And I ain't whinging, or look for back taps... I'm just getting while the gettin's good.

And being a part of putting these two new awesome shops together has been a freakin' privelage.

I'll be posting heaps from and about the stores as it would appear I'm to be the "internet presence guy"... and looking forward to it!

Luggin' comics from store to store...

Ladies and Gentleman - the back of ma boy Pauls head... If ya gotta be shelvin' shit it may as well be shit YOU LOVE!!! Check out Bruce Banner watching on!


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