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the Doggy Paddle Scandal - Sign Us

So before you knew him as the acoustic weilding, folk song penning Broni... he was rock'n'roll Broni. Along with Gimp & Easy we played in a band called the Doggy Paddle Scandal.

I was flat broke at the time and Broni wanted to record and release DPS's first EP... I had just bought a house and was saving for a Wedding. So while I couldn't contribute financially I did spend hours putting together video trailers for the EP.

It seems more common place now... and it probably was then too... But it was new to us. There was no YouTube when our first band MightyBoy was trying to get noticed... By DPS time I was just starting to get a handle on video editting and blah blah...

So you put an EP out and feel you have to do something special for it to stand out.

The first song on the CD was "Turbulence"... Broni had a friend do a whole "ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain"... Seperately I had had the idea of doing a "Director's Commentary" like you'd find on a movie, on the CD - stick with me, these all tie together.

So we'd been pimping this CD almost like it was a movie, with the trailers and commentary and such. Also, the intro and opening song where Plane related... So I thought it a no-brainer... Let's call it - Inflight Movie.

Fast forward to the EP being in our hands... How do we now get it in the hands of those magical cheque writing fairies - MAKE A MOVIE!!

Click to enlarge that shit ya heard!

So we put together a little movie, menu screen with "special features" that went to all our YouTube trailers and such... And of course included our CD. The story of the movie was simply... we are gonna be massive, you should sign us now and be a part of it or you'll miss out.

I'm here typing this blog about a band you've never heard of, so it didn't work hahaha... But I thought it a strong idea and really in keeping with the theme of the record.

I dug up the "movie" to put up here... I remember it being longer haha... But here it is in ALL it's glory!

It's not to late to pick up a copy of this solid lil' rock'n'roll record. You can grab a copy from Fist2Face for only $3 -


  1. I love you channel 11 logo... little did you know that channel would exist one day. (PS: Love your dads acting talents)

  2. but where can we get a copy of the DVD?