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Speds 2011 Movies - April

Alrighty, let's kick this sucker monthly ya heard! Disclaimers as per last months -

Due Date 3/5
Solid movie with some decent laughs. RDJr & Zach Galafaspellingerror seemed a weird pairing at first but won me over quickly.

Red 1.5/5
More Bruce Willis than I anticipated. John Malkovich was entertaining. The story was a little nothing for me. But I impressed the lady friend when I pulled out some "Red" comics, so a win.

Teenage Paparazzi 3/5
Damn interesting. Some blah blah moments, but overall a well put together documentary about the douches that chase celebrities.

I'm Still Here 0/5
What a montrous pile of shit. Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck could have used this vehicle/hoax to really expose some Hollywood bullshit and whatnot... but it just ended up being an unfunny piece of nothingness.

Leaves of Grass 2.5/5
Suprisingly good. The cover turned me off but the lady friend remarked - "but there's two Edward Norton's and ones got a crossbow. Can't argue with that logic. Started predictable and weird... and nearly ended the same way. But I was with it the whole time... so a win I guess.

The Last Airbender 0/5
Holy shit!! Why do I keep giving M. Night Shamamspellingerror a chance! We had to turn this off 25 minutes in... and even getting there was a chore. Two of the three lead kids were SOOOO bad! I couldn't work out if it was a kids movie or not. The plot was too heavy (and crap) for a small kid, and the acting was TOO SHIT for adults. Everybody looses.

Paul 4.5/5
Great, just damn great fun. It's not an Edgar Wright movie with Pegg/Frost... but it's a fun movie about Pegg/Frost cahooting around with an alien. And damn it if Kristen Wiig isn't growing on me more and more. Loved her in "Whip It" and it's been win win ever since.

Thor 5/5
Freakin' great. I'm pre-disposed to love a Marvel movie, but still... Thor is on parr with the new "Iron Man" way of doin' things. Thor's not really a "solo" favorite of mine, but I love when he rocks up in the Avengers comics coz means shits getting real... And this was a great tease for the future Avengers flick and was just a solid fun movie.

Moby Dick 1.5
Not the old classic... the new-ish remake. I'd love to say "it was a whale of a good time"... Alas it's "Moby Dick? More like Floppy Cock"... Not sure what that means... it wasn't that bad... just waah!

Skyline 0/5
I love Donald Faison in Scrubs, but he can't save this massive heap of shit! Holy fuck! The script, both story and dialogue are SOOOO BAAADDD!!! And it's weird, coz they obviously paid through the ass on the CGI... Alot of the FX look awesome! But the actors and plot and sooo shit! Wish I was a better reviewer guy so I could explain myself better... Just avoid people, in fact RUN!!!!

The Switch 3.5/5
Jason Bateman can do NO WRONG!! "Extraction" wasn't great - but he was! "The Ex" wasn't great - but he still made his bits good. This is a pretty good movie with some crazy great Bateman moments. Overall the movie's going exactly where you think from 15 minutes in... but it's a fun journey.

Aight! More movies end of May... we are definately on target for the years "watch a shitload more flicks"...


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