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Hermit Inertia

Wow man, life is lesson after lesson. Quick little blog to vent on a missed opportunity... and scream at myself more than anyone - GO WITH YER DANG GUT HONKY!!

So I had a rock band together - Guardians of Galaxies. We played one great show then the other two members upped and quit. And I was pretty down about it.

Blah blah blah... Do I re-start this band from scratch... do I spend another 6 months rehearsing new people to try again? I was unsure. I went to a little acoustic show of my brother Broni's... I approach the bar... as I wait for my drink - Glen Maynard of one of my favorite bands of all time - Pollyanna was there also waiting for a drink.

Now, you may not be aware, but I'm a shy shut-in. I get my beer and move on. I sit down next to my wife and mention "Glen from Pollyanna is over there... I should totally ask him to drum in Guardians of Galaxies"... "Do it" she replies.

I don't. For fear of sounding like a weirdo... oh, and the shy shut-in thing.

Fast forward approximately a year and a half. I've still failed to put a band together. I go through drummer options in my head... "Imagine Glen Maynard, that'd be crazy, I wonder what he's doing now"...

In email form I have all the balls in the world, who doesn't... So I think, what's the harm in emailing Glen, sending him my songs and whatnot...

So I do. And he replies...

"Thanks for asking... I listened to your songs, I really like them, had you asked me 15 months ago I totally would've said yes but now I'm in two bands and just way to busy"

First I was stoked he not only replied, but replied favorably... but then I did the approximate math... realised...

Had I asked him when it first crossed my mind, when I was standing right next him... I might have Glenn Fucking Maynard drumming in my band!?!

The lesson is quite obvious right?! JUST FREAKIN' DO IT!! Suck it up ball bag, go with your first instinct... don't do the classic Spedsy over think!!!

Watch Glen in Pollyanna playing one of my favorite songs of all time -

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