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Speds 2011 Movies

So late last year I did another film course. A point that was stressed was "WATCH MORE MOVIES". Watch as many as you can. New ones. Old ones. Re-watch favorites. What about them works? What sucks?

So a New Year resolution was to do just that... watch more flick. And I thought, what better way to keep track than to blog that shit as I go.

I'll give them an out of 5 rating. A little (R) if they are a re-watch. And a sentence or two review. Also, a 5 out of 5 is totally achievable on my list and not just reserved my favorite movies of all time. It's a movie I loved, thought was well put together and whatnot. I'm also VERY aware that my "reviews" are opinions and NOT fact, but for the sake of keeping it short and sweet I'll be refraining from disclaiming such each time.


Tomorrow When the War Began 1/5
Barr the lead girl I thought the acting was pretty terrible. The stoner guy in particular was real bad. The story was pretty hard to believe, as if enemy forces give the slightest shit about outback Australia.

The Expendables 1.5/5
Delivered exactly what it promised. Blah blah blah blow shit up. Stab stab punch.

Adventure Land 4/5
Loved it. Totally turned me around on Jesse Eisenberg.

Paper Man 5/5
Freakin' loved it. My favorite kind of movie.

The Other Guys 3/5
Was ok. Hoped for more. Felt like an odd pairing of Wahlberg/Ferrell.

Swingers (R) 2/5
Man, I re-watch this every couple of years. And always swear I remember it better. Still a classic, maybe I've seen it too many times. Vince Vaughan owns it.

Xmen 3 (R) 3.5/5
When not compared to the genius of X-Men 2 it's quite an enjoyable movie. Sooo many weird choices in it though for a comic book fan SPOILERS - Why kill Cyclops so meaninglessly? Why kill off Professor X so early. And what a lame team of teenage X-Men you're left with in the end.

Winter Passing (R) 5/5
My favorite kind of movie again. Love it.

It's a Trap - Family Guy 3/5
Does this count as a movie? It's in this movie section haha. It's hard for me not to love Family Guy VS Star Wars.

Beneath Hill 60 2/5
Was more enthralled by the idea and true story aspect of this movie. Sometimes it seem very budget conscience when never really panning out from the trenches on the battlefield and such. But a decent flick.

Zombieland (R) 4/4
I was not shy about dissing this movie upon my first watch (of a friends insistance to watch a dodgey burnt copy, breaking my own damn rules). Shaun of the Dead being one of favorite ever movies and Woody Harrelson shooting Zombies seemed a no brainer. But something about Jesse Eisenberg's performance original felt like a lame Michael Cera and ruined it for me. "Adventure Land" turning me around on Jesse and "Paper Man" showing me Emma Stone rules I went for the re-watch. And I'm not ashamed to admit, it was a brand new movie. It also reinforced what I already knew - "no I swear it's a good copy" BULLSHIT!! View it as it was intended on DVD/Blu-Ray on a nice big screen with surround sound. So you have to wait a couple extra months... suck it up, it's worth it.

Easy A 2/5
So continue a small Emma Stone marathon. This is primarily a chick's flick I'd say. Sorta that “Mean Girls” sorta vibe. But I was on a Emma Stone jaunt and occasionally it doesn't hurt to let the wife pick one haha


Superbad (R) 4/5
Emma Stone in the hizzy haha. Feels like a road movie, technically more walking than driving... but I love a good road movie so I choose to think of it as one.

Almost Famous (R) 3.5/5
More Jason Lee & Zooey Deschanel and less Billy Crudup & Kate Hudson and we'd on to something. When your friend is listening to a crap band really quietly - “oi, turn that crudup” hahaha am I right?!

Predators 2.5/5
Man, a thousand times better than I thought it'd be. Adrian Brody, while over the top, was actually good in it.

Napoleon Dynamite (R) 1/5
I liked this flick all those years ago when I first saw it. On re-watch is was just slow and nothing.

Going the Distance 1/5
I like Drew Barrymore. I like Justin Long. But this was just a nonsensical chick flick. “We can't do this 3-hour-long distance relationship”. So the happy ending is after being an ass all movie he finally says “good news, I moved. I now only live an hour and a half away”... THAT'S STILL NOT HOME FOR DINNER EVERYNIGHT YOU DOUCHE! The writing in that sense was just weird. We like Justin, then we hate him, then we are supposed to like him when he redeems himself by finally moving for her... but there's still NO sacrifice to be with her... I was so anger by the NO payoff. I thought it poor writing.

The Joneses 1.5/5
Better than I expected. It was ladies choice. Interesting idea. David Duchovney is good. Demi Moore was so under used. But in the end it was very predictable.

Precious 1/5
Probably my least favorite kind of movie. Where just crazy bad shit happens to someone repeatedly. So many “oh fuck no don't” moments where you think her situation is gonna get even worse. It's always weird when someone's crying about their weight while eating a bucket of chicken.

Despicable Me 2.5/5
Steve Carrell rocks it.

MacGruber 1/5
Fairly damn crap. Awesome cameo by WWE superstars. But the movie was just unfunny.

Buried 4/5
How the fuck does a movie set just in a box keep you so enthralled. Ryan Reynolds was great. When I got up to get a drink after it I felt very “free” haha.

Greenberg 2.5/5
Has moments of being a “Winter Passing/Paper Man” type flick. Ben Stiller was good. I like him better when he's not funny as opposed to the times he's “not funny”.


Chloe 2.5/5
SEXY! Whoowee. Kinda wanted Liam Neeson to go “Taken” style on some asse's for no reason. But a cool “Single White Female/Derailed” vibe.

Black Swan 2/5
Sooo disappointing. I expected something amazing and I was with it until the NO PAYOFF. The ending made the whole journey a waste of time. Natalie Portman was great though and Mila Kunis needs to marry me immediately.

The Town 3.5/5
Straight forward, solid flick. Ben Affleck is whooping director ass. I'm a fan of the man more than the sum of his acting and now after Gone Baby Gone and then this... The Bennifer thing has it's upside.

The Social Network 3.5/5
Loved the movie. Disappointed in the story. The real life story. As someone who works with others to achieve their goals, to see that poor dude get shafted out of the picture, hit home a little. That would suck. But the movie was strong.

Assault on Precinct 13 3/5
Wow, what a find. “Let's watch some TV in bed to fall asleep to”... This movie came on and we were glued. Very “by the numbers” but that can be a GREAT thing sometimes. This was the right movie at the right time. Really enjoyed it.

Ransom (R) 2/5
Remember when Mel Gibson was only a nut ball in movies.

Girl with the Pearl Earring 0/5
Fuck me, what a boring heap of shit. “Oh the sexual tension is amazing” was the recommend. BORING!

Ghost Rider (R) 2/5
I wanted to give this another go having not really liked it originally. It scores 2 out of 5 strictly for the riding of the motorbike up the building. The movie feels kinda like - slapped together bits of not much.


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