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Adventures in Wizardry

If only the good die young I’ma grow to be verrry old. Self shoot down KA-BLAM. If I may toot my own horn for a second, I am amazing at the self-deprecation of yours truly AKA me. TOOT! Where everywhere else I fail majestically, when it comes to putting oneself down, I do it with aplomb. And yes, if trapped on an island, with only an assortment of fruits, I’d totally “do it with a plum”, and I’d be amazing at it. TOOT!

But, when not wallowing in my own self hatred or working tirelessly on expanding my waste-band I’ve done, or at least been a part of, some cool goings on in the recents. First being the completion of my comic book – Badly Beaten Boy...

This comic was originally dreamt up nearly five years ago but took the demise of my last ditch attempt to re-enter the rock’n’roll scene to spur on locking myself in my office and finishing a project that relied only myself. For some crazy reason I ordered 200 prints of the bastard, so there will be a tall proud stack standing next to the pile of too many ordered “Sucker Punch”s and too many ordered “Slack Jawed”s.

They, should you be interested, will available real soon from my favourite store ever – Fist2Face.

Less self back patting and tummy rubbing – “The Broni Band”, the backing band of singer/songwriter Broni, debuted it’s all new line-up when launching “To Get Her Together” late February (2011). Fair to say it was a massive success. The place (the Wesley-Anne) was sold-out and then some and the crowd were very complimentary.

Being the ever extreme professional muso I tried my hardest to sabotage my own performance. In weather I could normally only survive in by wearing a singlet and a pair of shorts – donned jeans/shirt/tie/vest and proceeded to sweat like a four dollar ham at a BBQ (what?!). What else, um, in total lack of preparation, I graced the stage with no pick/plectrum in sight, forcing me to play the first song with a 50c piece... I could continue, however I am choosing not to dwell.

Very dwell then.

Early March I get a tinkle from pal G-Pop, of The Statics fame. I feel I mischose words there. I got a piss from... uh... So G-Pop hollas at his boy Spedsy - “how much has Pat or I told you about the Statics thing we need you for”... To which I reply – “Nothing”.

Music fades in now, as a montage of the back and forth between our heroes Speds and G-Pop plays out. It’s saving the viewer the painful minutes of exposition. The music fades out and Speds’ last sentence sums it all up for those watching at home – “Sweet, so your band is playing on the back of a truck out front of industry big-wig offices, you’re right, that’s grab some attentions”.

Flash forward as some of the greatest minds of our time sit, discuss and plan two days of mayhem. And here is Part One of how we spent our Tuesday –

In other news – I’m homeless. Homeless and exaggerating. But the puppy, the lady and myself did have to exit our premises and re-locate. OMG you guys. Yes, much like that movie starring whosits where nothing exciting happened, we’ve been driven from our home by – floor board polishers. Thanks for your emails of support. We are determined to bounce back from this more glossy and slippery than ever before.

In closing, a door often creaks.

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