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Hello Internets. Been awhile. My last blog alluded to a bright and sunny future. One that no longer seems relevant. My lady friend coined the phrase “2010, the year of sorting shit out”. And I get right behind that.

The following is not finger pointing and definitely isn’t intended as a wo-is-me. It’s just factual. November 2009 saw the debut of my new rock band – Guardians of Galaxies. Spent some months writing a bunch of songs. Spent some months rehearsing those songs. And, if I do say so myself, made a nice little band. First show, nervous as hell. It’d been put in my head that I had a reputation to uphold, or at least a bar to reach. The show could not have been better. I proved to myself that I still had it. More than, I proved to myself I had so much more life left in me, I re-found my calling.

I exited the stage with a smile on my face. This, however, was a vibe not shared by my band mates. Who voiced their concerns and promptly left the band.

Frustrating, sure.

Where does that leave Speds’ relationship with music. Well. It’s a strained friendship sure. Again, no closer to anything than I was this time last year. I have ideas. Ay, I’m great with fuckin ideas. Ideas that I’m going to keep close to the chest for now until I’m ready to follow through on them.

So 2010 may be the year of hibernation for ol’ Speds. At least until I “sort my shit out”. I’ll still rant on things on the podcast Toothbrush Love. But other than that, all things Psycho Janitor, at least from my half of it, will be a little quiet.

I think I’m going to spend this year really strengthening the relationships I have with some of my closest friends. The people who don’t care when my next show is, just want to hang out, talk shit and drink beers.  The ones whom I come to realise, I just fucking love!

Contradictory, I think I’ll blog more. Post some pics and talk some shit. If I’m not coming from the angle of “Speds the muso”, with a supposed “rep” to uphold, then sod it hey!

So happy New Year to all y’all!

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  1. DUDE!!! Im soo sorry to hear about the down fall of the band... Even more sorry that i missed the one and only show you had. You have a talent for music, but maybe you need to find some different people to try new things with... I hope you do come back with some more because I really enjoy everything you've done soo far :D

  2. Ay thanks man! ...and yes, I agree you make total logic. I'll be doing "something" creative this year, and when is comes together you'll literally be the first to know.... well, if I truly mean "literally" you'll probably be the 5th of 6th... by the time there's me, the lady who sees me doing it, 1 or 2 people who assist and such... but Top 10!!! So that's good right! Thanks man!