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Sweet Hearts, sweet hats.

My ladyfriend celebrates her birthday this week. I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how incredibly crazy she is. It's alright, she doesn't read this haha. No, I don't mean 'crazy' per-se.

You see, the love of my life and myself are COMPLETELY different. That much is crazy. While I'm Mr Internet, check out my songs, check out my podcast and such... my lady friend is very private and quite shy when it comes to things like podcasts and such. Yet put her in a room of her friends with a glass of wine and she's the life of the party.

But a major thing where we differ is, if you've ever listened to an episode of Toothbrush Love or spoken to me in person for more than a minute you'll notice, that while not often funny, I'm always looking for a spot to drop a joke. The lady however is not that way. And I fuckin dig that. [Sidenote, I also dig starting sentences with "And", why do we have do obey bullshit made-up rules regarding language and such. It was just made up by a bunch of people right? So, I before E and whatnot, fuck it, fight the war fuck the norm!]

So where was I? Yeah, so I dig the shit outta the fact that she's not like me always making with the funny (or in my case 'the-not-so')[Sidenote "Com-brade to Franko-not-so"... see, damn it!]... because it means NO ONE knows how funny the girl is besides me. Sure, some people may think they have an idea. And hey, yeah, she will put smiles on faces and whatnot, but the completely random shit that is just flat out hilarious, she saves for me.

I wanted to post a quick photo example. We were in Sydney, I just bought a new beanie. She had bought a handfull of house type shit. She told me to get a photo of my new beanie. I snapped the pic of us, she said "sweet hats hey?" I turned the camera to see this....

She managed to ninja her brand new shower cap onto her head for the pic. Ok, so maybe only I find it hilarious, and maybe that's why we work so damn well.

Happy Birthday my crazy girl!

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