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Here Comes That Weird Chill...

This life is weird man. I sincerely hope that no one else on this planet suffers from MY brain. Or, at least their versions of MY brain. I mean, not everyone does, obviously. Because otherwise, this world would have collapsed loooong ago. We may never have achieved poseable thumbs had we all had MY brain. How moods switch so abruptly. And stay for so long despite not being welcome. I don't like this guy.

It's a constant battle, and it's driving me nuts. Not only internal, but external. You roll with the punches but after awhile you're just punch drunk right? You'll see something that puts things in perspective. Or positive changes will mean a new refreshing outlook. But then, from the shadows (or something equally dramatic), rears the beast (or something equally dramatic). And I was doing so fuckin well, I had fixed things... dang fuck it.

I did manage to make one positive change before the rain. I started a rock band - Guardians Of Galaxies. It's good to have distorted guitars in my life again and to have that glimmer of hope back. Ya know... working towards something, you don't know what tomorrow will bring and such. And as I welcome back this weird chill, this feeling of uncertainty and lose of self confidence I am comforted that it hasn't shaken my faith in this new venture. Late November Guardians will debut, and will change my life... one way or another.

In the meantime I pour my heart out on the Speds Open-Mike-Night Tour which begins tonight at the Great Britain. Play a handful of songs, sell some "Slack Jawed"s, just be 'out there'. Can't have the life you want, go get the "other" life you want. That's the theory anyway. See you in songs.

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