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Increase the Peace.

So I have dreams right!? In the past I've dreamt I've written this awesome song, like the best ever. I awake for a few minutes at about 4am, just long enough to think "I've gotta remember that"... alas, I never do.

The other night however, I dreamt up (literally) this awesome new saying slash hand signal. As I awoke for those "4am few minutes" I made sure to wake the lady friend up and muttered......

Side Note: Now people say, if you have an idea - get it out there - because soon enough someone else will have the very same idea.

....."can you remind me in the morning, this cool new saying, you throw up 3 fingers and say 'increase the peace', get it, 3 fingers instead of 2, because 2 is 'peace', but I'm increasing the peace, yeah?"

Next morning I read a Tweet from comic book writer Matt Fraction who said he was singing a song that he made up in his sleep. This jogged my memory and I ran to the lady - "Did I tell you to remind me about something... got to do with 'peace' or something...?" I asked. "Yeah, increase the peace with 3 fingers or something you said" she replied.

She then went on to defy that I did in fact invent it, that I'd probably heard it somewhere and it was in my sub-concious. But no, I'm claiming it as my own and am blogging it with photo proof, see right, ladies & gentlemen, I give you... "Increase the Peace".


  1. you come up with it a month before i thought of it...

  2. hahaha that's crazy. Just as I said, someones bound to have the same idea sooner or later. I love that we totally came up with it ourselves seperately, yet its the exact same thing. hahaha kudos sir!